Quenya 



Ingoldo masc. name; possessive Ingoldova "Ingoldo's" (VT39:16)


noun. the Gnome

the Gnome

Quenya [PE 19:76] Group: Mellonath Daeron. Published by


masculine name. The Noldo

The mother-name of Finarfin (PM/360), and also the mother name of his son Finrod (PM/346). It is an archaic combination of the definite article i “the” and ✶Ñgoldō > Noldo, with the ñg- preserved because it was not at the beginning of the word (PE19/76). It would have been Sindarized as S. Angolodh, but this name was not used because Finarfin did not go to Middle-earth with his brothers (PM/360). A similar name was common in Númenor and Gondor, where it was reduced to Ingold (PM/360, LotR/749).

Conceptual Development: In earlier writing, the mother-name of Finarfin was Ingalaurë, while Ingoldo was the mother-name of Fingolfin (MR/230, PE17/118). At this stage, Tolkien said that it was a combination of the names of the peoples of Fingolfin’s mother and father, the Ingar and Noldor (MR/230). As the mother-mame of Fingolfin, Tolkien also considered having this name develop into Fingoldo (PE17/39) or Ingoldofinwe (PE17/118, MR/230) to better match his Sindarin name.



  • ñgolodō “lore-master, sage” ✧ PM/360
    • ÑGOLOD “*one of the wise folk, Gnome, [ᴹ√] one of the wise folk, Gnome”
    • ÑGOL “knowledge, wisdom, lore, knowledge, wisdom, lore; [ᴹ√] wise, be wise” ✧ PM/360; WJ/383


Element in


Noldo“one of the wise folk, Gnome”


  • Ingoldo-finwë ✧ MR/230
  • Fingoldo ✧ PE17/039
  • Vinya Finwe ✧ PE17/118
  • Ingoldofinwe ✧ PE17/118
  • iñgoldo ✧ PE19/076 (Aq. iñgoldo)
Quenya [MR/230; MRI/Ingoldo; PE17/039; PE17/118; PE19/076; PM/360; PMI/Finarfin; PMI/Fingolfin; PMI/Finrod; PMI/Ingoldo; SMI/Ingoldo; VT39/16] Group: Eldamo. Published by