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Elentári noun "Star-queen", title of Varda (EL, SA:tar)


feminine name. Queen of the Stars, Star-queen

A title of Varda as the maker of the stars (LotR/377, S/48), a compound elen “star” and tári “queen”.

Conceptual Development: In the first name list of the Valar from the 1910s, Varda’s title was ᴱQ. Tinwetári beside the variant Tinwevarni (PE14/14), using the earlier word tinwe for “star” (LT1A/Tinwetári). It was the first of these forms, Tinwetári, that appeared in the earliest Lost Tales along with the gloss “Queen of Stars” (LT1/100), and it also appeared in the Qenya and Gnomish Lexicons from the 1910s (QL/102; GL/18).

The name retained the form ᴹQ. Tinwetári in the first Silmarillion drafts from the beginning of the 1930s (SM/82, SM/286) and this name also appeared in The Etymologies (Ety/TĀ). In Silmarillion drafts from the mid-30s, the name was changed to ᴹQ. Tinwerontar (LR/200, 216) and the same change was made in The Etymologies (Ety/TIN), perhaps with the genitive plural tinweron of tinwe “star”. The name was soon revised to ᴹQ. Elentári (LR/216, Ety/EL), and the name retained this form thereafter.

Quenya [LotR/0377; LotR/1116; LotRI/Elbereth; MR/388; MRI/Elentári; PE17/022; PE17/023; PE17/067; PE17/070; PE21/85; RGEO/58; RGEO/59; RGEO/66; S/048; SA/tar; SI/Elbereth; SI/Elentári] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. queen, *[ᴱQ.] mistress, *lady
Quenya [LotR/0377; PE17/067; PE17/076; PM/363; PM/364; RGEO/58; RGEO/59; SA/tar; UT/179; VT49/40] Group: Eldamo. Published by



tári noun "queen", used especially of Varda (TĀ/TA3, LT1:264), etymologically "she that is high" (SA:tar). Dative tárin in the Elaine inscription (VT49:40), genitive tário in Namárië. Elentári "Starqueen", a title of Varda. (Nam, RGEO:67). Tarinya "my queen" (UT:179; sic, not *tárinya). Táris or tárissë "queenship" (PE17:155)


star-queen, title of varda

[Tinwerontar] noun "star-queen, title of Varda" (TIN, TĀ/TA3)


star-queen, queen of stars

[Tinwetar] noun "star-queen, Queen of Stars", title of Varda (TIN, TĀ/TA3)



turinqui ("q") noun "queen" (LT1:260; apparently the fem. of tur. In Tolkien's later Quenya, "queen" is tári.)



varni noun "queen" (LT1:273; rather tári in Tolkien's later Quenya)

* Elentári


The name is composed of elen ("star") + tári ("queen").

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* rianna

noun. queen
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