Quenya 


masculine name. Shipbuilder, Shipwright

Tar-Ciryatan was the 12th ruler of Númenor (S/265, UT/221), also known as Ad. Ar-Balkumagân (PM/151). His name is a compound of cirya “ship” and the suffixal form -tan “-builder, -wright” of tamo “smith”.

Quenya [LotR/1035; LotRI/Tar-Ciryatan; LRI/Tar-Atanamir; PM/151; PMI/Ar-Balkumagān; PMI/Kiryatan; PMI/Tar-Kiryatan; S/265; SA/kir; SI/Tar-Ciryatan; UTI/Tar-Ciryatam] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. shipbuilder, shipwright
Quenya [S/265] Group: Eldamo. Published by



cirya _("k")_noun "ship" (MC:213, 214, 220, 221), "(sharp-prowed) ship" (SA:kir-, where the word is misspelt círya with a long í; Christopher Tolkien probably confused it with the first element of the Sindarin name Círdan. It seems that Círyon, the name of Isildur's son, is likewise misspelt; read Ciryon as in the index and the main text of the Silmarillion. Cf. also kirya_ in Etym, stem KIR.) _Also in Markirya. In the Plotz letter, cirya is inflected for all cases except plural possessive (*ciryaiva). The curious dual form ciriat occurs in Letters:427, whereas Plotz gives the expected form ciryat. Locative ciryasse "upon a ship" (MC:216). Compounded in ciryaquen "shipman, sailor" (WJ:372), also ciryando (PE17:58), cf. also ciryamo "mariner" (UT:8). Masc. names Ciryaher* "Ship-lord" (Appendix A), Ciryandil "Ship-friend" (Appendix A), Ciryatan "Ship-builder" (Appendix A), also Tar-Ciryatan**, name of a Númenórean king, "King Shipbuilder" (SA:kir-)


craftsman, smith

tano noun "craftsman, smith" (TAN), cf. final element -tan in calmatan "lampwright" (PE17:123), Ciryatan *"ship-builder" (Appendix A).