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the golden

Calion, Tar-Calion, masc. name, the Quenya name of King Ar-Pharazôn "the Golden". Calion would seem to be connected to cal- "shine", cálë "light". (Silm)


masculine name. *Son of Light

Tar-Calion was the Quenya name of Ad. Ar-Pharazôn, the last king of Númenor. This name seems to be a compound of cala “light” and the patronymic suffix -ion “-son” (S/270).

Conceptual Development: This character’s name was first given as ᴹQ. Angor, but the name was quickly changed to ᴹQ. Tar-Kalion (LR/27). In the Addenda and Corrigenda to The Etymologies, there is a name ᴹQ. Tar-kulu that the editors suggested could be an otherwise unattested variant of Tar-Calion (EtyAC/KUL).

A primitive form of this name, ✶Kalajondo, appeared in some linguistic notes from the 1950s (PE21/76).

Quenya [PMI/Ar-Pharazôn; PMI/Tar-Kalion; SA/kal; SI/Tar-Calion; UTI/Ar-Pharazôn; UTI/Tar-Calion] Group: Eldamo. Published by



Caliondo, masc. name, maybe a longer form of Calion above (unless Caliondo contains ondo "rock") (UT:210)



tarcalion = Tar-Calion, masc. name, Quenya name of Ar-Pharazôn (LR:47, SD:246); see Calion