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place name. Greenham

A town in Gondor (LotR/790), translated “Greenham” (RC/537). The initial element is clearly calen “green”, and the final element may be the lenited form bel of pêl “fence” (as suggested by David Salo, GS/371).

Conceptual Development: In Lord of the Rings draft maps from the 1940s, this name was first given as N. Caerost before changing to Calembel (WR/437). Earlier in Lord of the Rings drafts, the name N. Calembel was used for the location that was eventually called Parth Galen (TI/382).


calen“green; fresh, vigorous; †bright, green; †bright, [N.] bright-coloured; [S.] fresh, vigorous”
pêl“*fenced field, [N.] fenced field”
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Tolkien translated Calembel as "Greenham". The name likely consists of Sindarin calen "green" + pel "fence".

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