Quenya 


noun. Elves of the Light

Elves of the Light

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elves of the light, light-elves

Calaquendi pl. noun "Elves of the Light, Light-elves" (SA:kal-, SA:quen-/quet-, WJ:361, WJ:373); spelt Kalaqendi in Etym (KAL). Sg. *Calaquendë.


collective name. Elves of the Light, (lit.) Light Elves

This term was used for Elves who saw the light of the Two Trees in Valinor (S/53). Later the meaning was extended to include the Elves of Beleriand (the Sindar) who also opposed Morgoth (WJ/373). It is a compound of cala “light” and the plural form Quendi of the term Quendë “Elf” (WJ/361).

Conceptual Development: An early term ᴱQ. kalmar “child of day or light” form the 1910s (QL/44) seems to be the first precursor to this name, apparently replaced by ᴱQ. Kalmaliondo and ᴹQ. Kalion “Son of Light” from the 1920s and early 1930s (PE14/75, PE21/33). A similar term ᴹQ. Kalamor “Light-elves” appeared in a discussion of the branches of the Elves in the mid-1930s, along with ᴹQ. Kalaqendi (LR/197). Both these terms appeared in The Etymologies (Ety/KAL), though Christopher Tolkien incorrectly indicated that Kalamor was Noldorin rather than Quenya (EtyAC/KAL). Thereafter, only the term Calaquendi appeared, though it was sometimes spelled with a K.


  • T. Calapendi “Light-elves” ✧ WJ/375; WJI/Calapendi; WJ/361; WJI/Kalaquendi
  • S. Calben “*Light One” ✧ WJI/Calben; WJ/361; WJ/376



cala“light, light; [ᴱQ.] daytime (sunlight), 12 hours”
Quendë“Elf, (lit.) One That Speaks”

Phonetic Developments

kala-kwendī > Kalaquendi[kalakwendī] > [kalakwendi]✧ WJ/373


  • Kalaquendi ✧ MR/169; MRI/Kalaquendi; PE18/074; WJ/361; WJ/373; WJ/375; WJ/376; WJI/Calapendi; WJI/Calben; WJI/Kalaquendi
Quenya [MR/169; MRI/Kalaquendi; PE18/074; S/053; SA/kal; SA/quen; SI/Calaquendi; SI/Eldar; WJ/361; WJ/373; WJ/375; WJ/376; WJI/Calapendi; WJI/Calben; WJI/Kalaquendi] Group: Eldamo. Published by



The name Calaquendi ((singular Calaquendë[source?]) consists of Quenya cala ("light"), and quendi ("elves"); thus: "Elves of Light". Cognates of the name Calaquendi in other languages are Telerin Calapendi and Sindarin Calbin.

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