Sindarin 


noun. sudden flame

An element in the name Dagor Bragollach “Battle of Sudden Flame” (S/151; WJ/52), a replacement for earlier N. Dagor Vregedúr “Battle of Sudden Fire”.

Neo-Sindarin: Elsewhere all the words for “sudden” began with breg-, such as in Bregalad “Quickbeam” (LotR/482), so despite its possible replacement, I prefer the earlier word N. bregedur “wild fire”. If bragollach is used, I’d revise it to ✱bregollach.

Element in


bregol“quick, sudden, quick, sudden, [N.] violent, *fierce”
lach“(leaping) flame”


  • Bragollach ✧ S/151; SA/bragol; SA/lhach
Sindarin [S/151; SA/bragol; SA/lhach] Group: Eldamo. Published by