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noun. 'quick tree'

prop. n. Bot. 'quick (lively) tree', Quickbeam. Tolkien notes that "_Quicken _or Quickbeam are actual names of 'rowan' or 'mountain-ash' = German Vogelbeere, Vogelbeerbaum.

Sindarin [(PE17 Sindarin Corpus) PE17:82] -. Group: Parma Eldalamberon 17 Sindarin Corpus. Published by


masculine name. Quickbeam; (lit.) Quick (Lively) Tree

Name of an Ent, translated “Quickbeam” in The Lord of the Rings (LotR/482), but elsewhere said to more literally mean “Quick (Lively) Tree” (PE17/82, RC/762). His name is most likely a combination of bregol “sudden” and galadh “tree”, probably influenced by Nan. galad (assuming the name is not itself Nandorin).

Conceptual Development: His name already N. Bregalad when it first appeared in Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s, with the same meaning (TI/419, WR/26).


bregol“quick, sudden, quick, sudden, [N.] violent, *fierce”
Sindarin [LotR/0482; LotRI/Bregalad; LotRI/Quickbeam; PE17/082; RC/762] Group: Eldamo. Published by