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servant of aulë

Aulendur masc. name "Servant of Aulë", applied especially to those persons, or families, among the Noldor who actually entered Aulë's service and in return received instruction from him (PM:366)


proper name. Servant of Aulë

A title for the Noldor who entered the service of Aulë (PM/365-6). This name is a compound of Aulë and the suffix -(n)dur “-servant”.

Conceptual Development: This name was initially written Aulendil before changing to Aulendur.


  • AulendilAulendur ✧ PM/365


Aulë“The Maker, The Smith”
-(n)dur“servant; to serve”


  • Aulendil ✧ PM/365 (Aulendil); PMI/Aulë (Aulendil)
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masculine name. Servant of Aulë

Third child of Vardamir, known only from a genealogy chart on UT/210. His name is a compound of Aulë and the suffix -(n)dil (usually “-friend”). In an isolated note, J.R.R. Tolkien said this name was also used by Sauron while he deceived the Elves of Eregion into crafting the rings of power, and that the name meant “one devoted to the service of Aulë” (UT/254). Christopher Tolkien glossed the name as “Servant of Aulë” in The Unfinished Tales index. Ordinarily, with the suffix -ndil, we might expect the meaning to be “Friend of Aulë”.

Conceptual Development: At one point Aulendil was used for Noldorin servants of Aulë, but that name was changed to Aulendur (PM/365-6).


Aulë“The Maker, The Smith”
-(n)dil“-friend, -lover; devotion, disinterested love”
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