Quenya 


masculine name. *Varda-jewel

Second ruler of Númenor (LotR/1035, UT/218). His name is probably a compound of Varda and mírë “jewel”.


Varda“Exalted, Lofty, Sublime”
mírë“jewel, gem, precious thing, treasure; precious”
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the sublime

Varda fem. name "the Sublime", name of a Valië, spouse of Manwë, the Queen of the Valar, called Elbereth in Sindarin (BARATH, BARÁD, WJ:402; in Letters:282 Varda is translated the "Lofty"). As a general adjective "sublime", †varda could still occur as a poetic word in verse (PE17:23), but normal prose would apparently rather use the related word varanda (q.v.) Genitive Vardo (for Vardao). (Nam, RGEO:66). Vardamir masc. name, "Varda-jewel" (Appendix A, UT:210); vardarianna ?"Varda-gift", name of a tree (but the ri element is obscure) (UT:167)



Vardamir means "Jewel of Varda" in Quenya (from mírë "jewel"). His surname, Nólimon, means "Man of Knowledge" (from nólë "lore, knowledge" and -mon, a masculine suffix). Like all the rulers of Númenor who took royal titles in Quenya, Vardamir added the prefix tar- ("high") to his name when he received the Sceptre.

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