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Qenya 

are veruen

proper name. Day of the Spouses, third day of the Valian week

The Quenya name for the 3rd day of the Valian 5-day week, a combination of are “day” and the genitive of dual form veru “spouses”, referring to Aule and Yavanna (Ety/BES, LEP).


  • N. Ar Vedhwen “Day of the Spouses, third day of the Valian week” ✧ Ety/LEP


veru“husband and wife, married pair”


  • Arveruen ✧ Ety/BES
  • (Ar(e))Veruen ✧ Ety/LEP
  • (Ar)Veruen ✧ EtyAC/LEP
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