n. broideress, needlewoman, *seamstress



Serindë (þ) fem. name; "Broideress" (Silm) or "Needlewoman" (PM:333). Original form Therindë, q.v.

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name. Broideress, Needlewoman

A sobriquet of Míriel, mother of Fëanor, adopted because of her surpassing skill in weaving and needlework (S/63). It is simply the noun serindë used as a name.
The phonetic development of this name has an interesting history. In Classical Quenya, it was pronounced †Therindë (PM/333). When the sound [[[θ] became [s]]] in the speech-feeling of the Noldor, Fëanor opposed this change, in part for practical reasons but also because it meant that the name of his mother was consistently mispronounced Serindë (PM/335).
This sound change was common among all Noldor except Fëanor and his sons, and may have played a part in Fëanor’s alienation from his kin (PM/336). It could therefore have contributed to the exile of the Noldor from Valinor and all the terrible events that followed. Somehow it seems particularlly Tolkienesque that such a critical juncture in the history of the Elves was intertwined with a seemingly minor linguistic change.

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