name. Lord of the Breath of Arda, (lit.) Breather

A title of Manwë as the Vala of Winds, glossed “Lord of the Breath of Arda” in The Silmarillion (S/26) and translated “Breather” by Christopher Tolkien in The Silmarillion index (SI/Súlimo). This name is a compound of súlë (súli-) “spirit; breath”, and the agental suffix -mo.
Conceptual Development: This name dates back to the earliest Lost Tales (LT1/52), and ᴱQ. Súlimo appeared in the Qenya Lexicon from the 1910s as a personalized form of ᴱQ. súlime “wind” (QL/86, LT1A/Súlimo). In the Etymologies from the 1930s, Tolkien gave a new etymology of ᴹQ. Súlimo, deriving it from ᴹQ. súle “breath” (Ety/THŪ).
Tolkien continued to use this derivation in his later writings, where Q. Súlimo appeared as a derivative of the root √THŪ, along side an alternate (archaic?) form Thūrimo (PE17/124). See the entry on Q. súlë for a discussion of the relation between “breath” and “spirit” in Elvish thought.

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