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Translation for "Book of Wisdom"
Quildamo 2018-08-08T12:59:27+00:00
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translate phrase for tattoo
Elaran 2018-08-07T21:03:11+00:00
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Gloss “eorlingas” by Eldamo Import
Quildamo 2018-08-07T09:03:20+00:00
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-ya- Verbs
Aldaleon 2018-08-05T22:56:47+00:00
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Tanen - in that way (Quenya)
Ríon Gondremborion 2018-08-04T23:14:38+00:00
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Quenya gloss 'halt'
Aldaleon 2018-07-28T05:54:28+00:00
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Relatively simple transcribe I hope!
Quildamo 2018-07-26T14:46:21+00:00
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Eru Ilúvatar!
Tounn 2018-07-23T11:47:40+00:00
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Elision rule (Quenya)
Tom Bombadil 2018-07-22T11:59:22+00:00
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Help with a surprise project.
Moondoggy 2018-07-21T21:26:26+00:00
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A question..
Tounn 2018-07-20T09:09:00+00:00
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Last clarification...please
Tounn 2018-07-16T13:54:08+00:00
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