Telerin names??

Sailawen #1302

So, I was looking at Telerin, and I noticed that there weren't any Telerin names. Are there any known examples?

Cellindir #1304

Hello! There are Telerin names, and those are able to be found on Parf Edhellen; on another website however, there is a list of the names -- and you might have used the website before --, namely Eldamo. This is the link to the list.

Aldaleon #1307

Thank you, Cellindir! In the future, when citing sources from other websites, please include an excerpt of the list here in case the link goes stale.

The list is:

Alatáriel “Galadriel”
Audel “Elf who left for Aman”
Calapendi “Light-elves”
Éde “Repose”
Hecello “those [Elves] left in Beleriand”
Heculbar “Beleriand”
Hendor “Middle-earth”
Moripendi “Dark-elves”
Nówë “Círdan”
Olue “Olwe”
TelepornoSilver Tall”
Telperimpar “Silver-fist”
Silver Tree”
Volwë a version of Olwe.