Gloss “ambë” by Eldamo Import


adverb. more
Quenya [PE17/091.0214] Group: Eldamo. Published by
Tom Bombadil #382

So how can one say "more than ... "? Is that amba lá? Or maybe it is already ambela? Or anything else??

Quildamo #383

According the Ardalambion Quenya course:

Lá is also a preposition "beyond", and as such it is used in phrases having to do with comparison: VT42:32 cites the formula "A ná calima lá B" for "A is brighter than B" (literally "A is bright beyond B" – notice that the adjective calima "bright" appears in its simplest form, with no ending corresponding to the -er of "brighter").

From what I saw and IIRC, ambë can be used for comparison, but I'm not sure how.

Tamas Ferencz #384

Your question has got me thinking and I have started a discussion on it over on G+ - I will post whatever conclusion we come to here, but of course you are also welcome to follow it there: