Gloss “mára”


useful, fit, good

mára adj. "useful, fit, good" (of things) (MAG; see MA3; Arct, VT42:34, VT45:30). Nás mara nin "I like it", literally "it is good to me" (VT49:30; read mára for mara?) As the comparative of mára, the unrelated adjective arya "excelling" is used in the sense of "better"; for the superlative *"best", one adds the article: i arya (with genitive to express "the best of…") (PE17:57),

Thomas Falcon #28

Where can I find rescourses on conjugation to use this word differently. I want to express that someone did a good job. Job well done. I approve.

Aldaleon #29

You can use a passive participle of car- "do" in conjunction with mai "well" to express *mai carina "well done". You can also say *mára mólë "good work" and *mára carie "good doing/making." You can find more information about -ina and -ie on Parf Edhellen.

In regards to "I approve," it would depend a lot on the context. You can say *haminyes mára "I judge it good," and *sa mára nin "I like it."

Gilruin #2192

haminyes mára means "I judge it (to be) good":

  • ham- "to judge" (though Tolkien rejected ham- in favor of nav-). Hami-* is the aorist stem, roughly comparable to the simple present.
  • -nye is the subject suffix for "I"
  • -s is the subject suffix for "it"

There is a similar sentence directly attested from Tolkien: la navin caritalyas mára “I do not advise you to do so, (lit.) I don’t judge your doing it good”