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Language Word / sense Gloss
Sindarin losta- / sleep to sleep
Sindarin na / to to
Sindarin sevin / to have I have
Nandorin spenna / cloud cloud
Sindarin cova- / gather gather
Sindarin o(g)gar / evil deed evil deed
Noldorin gwîn / wine wine, vine
Sindarin gwîn / wine wine, vine
Sindarin ú- / negates the sense of the following word negates the sense of the following word
Sindarin loth / flower a flower
Undetermined Zaragamba Family / Zaragamba Family Zaragamba Family
Adûnaic Zamîn / Zamîn Zamîn
Quenya yénonótië / yénonótië Yénonótië
English Yule / Yule Yule
English Yellowskin / Yellowskin Yellowskin
Quenya Yávien / Yávien Yávien
English Withywindle / Withywindle Withywindle
English Wintring / Wintring Wintring
English Winterfilth / Winterfilth Winterfilth
English Windfola / Windfola Windfola
Undetermined Windan / Windan Windan
English Will Whitfoot / Will Whitfoot Will Whitfoot
English Wilibald Bolger / Wilibald Bolger Wilibald Bolger
Sindarin Drúedain / Drúedain Drúedain
English Wights / Wights Wights
English Widow Rumble / Widow Rumble Widow Rumble
English Wídfara / Wídfara Wídfara
Undetermined Whitwell / Whitwell Whitwell
Undetermined Whitfurrows / Whitfurrows Whitfurrows
English Whitfoot Family / Whitfoot Family Whitfoot Family
English White Mountains / White Mountains White Mountains
English Whales / Whales Whales
English Wetwang / Wetwang Wetwang
Undetermined Westernesse / Westernesse Westernesse
Undetermined Westemnet / Westemnet Westemnet
Quenya aman / aman Aman
English Were-worms / Were-worms Were-worms
English Wellinghall / Wellinghall Wellinghall
English Wedmath / Wedmath Wedmath
English Waymeet / Waymeet Waymeet
English walda / walda Walda
Quenya cuiviénen / cuiviénen Cuiviénen
Quenya Vinyamar / Vinyamar Vinyamar
Undetermined Vinitharya / Vinitharya Vinitharya
Quenya vingilótë / vingilótë Vingilótë
Quenya vilverin / vilverin vilverin
Quenya wilwarin / wilwarin Wilwarin
Undetermined Vidugavia / Vidugavia Vidugavia
Undetermined Verna / Verna Verna
Quenya Vëantur / Vëantur Vëantur
Undetermined Variags / Variags Variags
Quenya Vardilmë / Vardilmë Vardilmë
English Brandywine Bridge / Brandywine Bridge Brandywine Bridge
Telerin Vaniai / Vaniai Vaniai
Quenya Valmar / Valmar Valmar
Quenya Valaraukar / Valaraukar Valaraukar
Quenya Valandur / Valandur Valandur
Quenya Valandil (Lord of Andúnië) / Valandil (Lord of Andúnië) Valandil (Lord of Andúnië)
Quenya Valandil (King of Arnor) / Valandil (King of Arnor) Valandil (King of Arnor)
Quenya Valacar / Valacar Valacar
Quenya Vairë / Vairë Vairë
Quenya Arien / Arien Arien
Black Speech Uruk-hai / Uruk-hai Uruk-hai
English Upbourn / Upbourn Upbourn
Quenya Unquendor / Unquendor Unquendor
Sindarin arwen / arwen Arwen
English Underharrow / Underharrow Underharrow
Quenya Ulumúri / Ulumúri Ulumúri
Quenya Ulmondil / Ulmondil Ulmondil
Adûnaic Ulbar / Ulbar Ulbar
Undetermined uin / uin Uin
Quenya vardamir / vardamir Vardamir
Quenya Tar-Telperiën / Tar-Telperiën Tar-Telperiën
Quenya Tar-Míriel / Tar-Míriel Tar-Míriel
Quenya tar-meneldur / tar-meneldur Tar-Meneldur
Quenya tar-elendil / tar-elendil Tar-Elendil
Quenya Tar-Ardamin / Tar-Ardamin Tar-Ardamin
Quenya tar-ancalimë / tar-ancalimë Tar-Ancalimë
Quenya tar-amandil / tar-amandil Tar-Amandil
English Tanta Hornblower / Tanta Hornblower Tanta Hornblower
Quenya Taniquetil / Taniquetil Taniquetil
English Stone of the Hapless / Stone of the Hapless Stone of the Hapless
Sindarin Telain / Telain Telain
Sindarin Taeglin / Taeglin Taeglin
English gulls / gulls Gulls
Sindarin Sea of Núrnen / Sea of Núrnen Sea of Núrnen
English Scatha / Scatha Scatha
English Scary / Scary Scary
English Saruman / Saruman Saruman
Sindarin Sarn Gebir / Sarn Gebir Sarn Gebir
Sindarin Sarn Ford / Sarn Ford Sarn Ford
Sindarin Sarn Athrad / Sarn Athrad Sarn Athrad
English Sapphira Brockhouse / Sapphira Brockhouse Sapphira Brockhouse
Quenya sangahyando / sangahyando Sangahyando
Quenya sandastan / sandastan Sandastan
English Sancho Proudfoot / Sancho Proudfoot Sancho Proudfoot
English Cracks of Doom / Cracks of Doom Cracks of Doom
English Samwise Gamgee / Samwise Gamgee Samwise Gamgee
English Salvia Brandybuck / Salvia Brandybuck Salvia Brandybuck
Quenya Salmar / Salmar Salmar