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Early Quenya

veasse lúnelinqe

upon the blue streams of the sea

The third phrase of the first version of the Oilima Markirya poem (MC/220). The first word is the locative form veasse of the noun vea “sea”, followed by the compound lúnelinqe of lúne “blue” and linqe “water, stream”.

Decomposition: Broken into its constituent elements, this phrase would be:

> vea-sse lúne-linqe = “✱sea-upon blue-stream”

Conceptual Development: This phrase did not appear until the fourth draft of the poem (OM1d: PE16/62); earlier drafts used the unrelated phrase ar tanda kiryaiko lúte (or lunte) “✱and with that ship sailed” (OM1a-c: PE16/56-7, 60). Aside from the variant Finnish-like spellings of the fifth draft (OM1e: PE16/72), the phrase remained the same thereafter. In the glossary commentary to the 7th draft, lúnelinqe was glossed “blue-flowing” (PE16/75), so perhaps it was an adjectival compound with a more accurate translation of “in the flowing blue sea” (PE16/62).

Element in


  • veässe luunelinkve ✧ PE16/072
  • veasse {luunelinqe >>} lúnelinqe ✧ PE16/074
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