Quenya 


god-friend, *vala-friend

Valandil masc. name, "God-friend, *Vala-friend" (Appendix A, UT:210, translated in LR:60)


masculine name. Lover of the Valar

The first lord of Andúnië (LotR/1035) and the third king of Arnor (LotR/1038). This name is a compound of Vala and the suffix -(n)dil “-friend” (Let/386).

Conceptual Development: In the early stories of the Fall of Númenor, the name ᴹQ. Valandil was given to the brother or father of Elendil (LR/33, 60) and in Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s it was sometimes used as the name of Elendil himself (RS/169, 270-1). In these early writings, this name was glossed “God-friend” (LR/60), and it also appeared in The Etymologies under the root ᴹ√N(D)IL with the gloss “Godwine” (EtyAC/NIL).

Quenya [Let/386; LotRI/Valandil; NM/016; NM/020; PE17/030; PMI/Valandil; SI/Valandil; UT/210; UTI/Valandil] Group: Eldamo. Published by