Beware, older languages below! The languages below were invented during Tolkien's earlier period and should be used with caution. Remember to never, ever mix words from different languages!



prefix. negative prefix


  • Eq. ú- “un-”


  • ᴱ√Ū “not”

Element in

  • G. uivrin “barren” ✧ GL/73
  • G. gwivrin “barren” ✧ GL/52
  • G. udathnarol “countless, innumerable” ✧ GL/73; LT2A/Nínin-Udathriol
  • G. udathriol “countless” ✧ GL/73
  • G. gwirn “unwished for, unwelcome” ✧ GL/52
  • G. gwirth “unwillingness, reluctance” ✧ GL/46
  • G. gwista- “to be ignorant of, not to know” ✧ GL/46
  • G. unweg “nobody, no one” ✧ GL/73
  • G. uchir “recklessness; carelessness; security” ✧ GL/73
  • G. udrug “intractable, fierce, untamed” ✧ GL/73
  • G. ufedhron “lawless man” ✧ GL/73
  • G. ufedhwed “lawless” ✧ GL/73
  • G. ugwedriol “ineffable, unspeakable, awful” ✧ GL/73
  • G. uir- “not to wish, not mean to, mean not to” ✧ GL/73
  • G. uirol “unwilling, reluctant” ✧ GL/73
  • G. unandrathrol “unabashed, shameless” ✧ GL/73
  • G. unathriol “unreal; impossible” ✧ GL/73
  • G. uthairiol “unintentional, unintended; reluctant” ✧ GL/73
  • G. ufestog “breathless”
  • G. uf(f)edhin “outlaw, outcast; one who changes his clan and goes to a new kinship” ✧ GL/73


  • gw- ✧ GL/46 (gw-); GL/46 (gw-); GL/52 (gw-); GL/52 (gw-)
  • uv- ✧ GL/50
  • um- ✧ GL/50
  • un- ✧ GL/50
  • û- ✧ GL/73
  • Û- ✧ LT2A/Nínin-Udathriol
Gnomish [GL/46; GL/50; GL/52; GL/73; LT2A/Nínin-Udathriol] Group: Eldamo. Published by


conjunction. he

Element in

  • G. o·gwath lemp nin “he beckons, (lit.) he wags a finger at me” ✧ GL/53 (o·gwath lemp nin*)


  • ✧ GL/53 ()


prefix. negative prefix


pronoun. he

Element in

Gnomish [GL/51; GL/62] Group: Eldamo. Published by