Sindarin 


feminine name. Woman of Secret Shadow

Name of a servant of Sauron translated “Woman of Secret Shadow” (SI/Thuringwethil, Ety/THUR), a combination of thurin “secret, hidden”, gwath “shadow” (SA/gwath) and the feminine suffix -iel.

Conceptual Development: The name ᴱN. Thuringwethil first appeared in the Lays of Beleriand from the 1920s, where it was translated “She of Hidden Shadow” (LB/304). In The Etymologies from the 1930s, Thuringwethil was designated a Doriathrin [Ilkorin] name, translated “(Woman of) Secret Shadow”, and apparently had essentially the same derivation as given above (Ety/THUR).


thurin“secret, hidden”
gwath“shadow, dim light, shadow, dim light, [N.] shade”
-il“feminine suffix”
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