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Qenya 


masculine name. Slender and Dark

Another name for Herendil in Tolkien’s unfinished story “The Lost Road”, translated “Slender and Dark” (LR/59). In The Etymologies, the name was glossed “slender-dark” given as a compound of teren “slender” and the root ᴹ√(N)DUL, which had derivatives such as nulla “dark” (Ety/DUL, NDUL, TER).


teren“slender, slender; [ᴱQ.] lissom, lithe”
nulla“dark, dusky, obscure; hidden, secret”


  • Teren-dul ✧ Ety/DUL
Qenya [Ety/DUL; Ety/NDUL; Ety/TER; EtyAC/DUL; LR/059; LRI/Terendul] Group: Eldamo. Published by