Primitive elvish


noun. vaulted roof or chamber; cave; †heavens


  • RON “arch over, roof in” ✧ WJ/414


  • Q. rondo “vaulted or arched roof, vaulted hall, vaulted or arched roof, vaulted hall; [ᴹQ.] cavern, cave” ✧ WJ/414
  • S. rond “(vaulted or arched) roof; vaulted chamber or cavern; heavens [as a roof of the world]” ✧ WJ/414

Element in

  • S. Aglarond “Glittering Cavern” ✧ Let/282
  • S. Elrond “Star-dome” ✧ Let/282
  • S. Nargothrond “*Underground Fortress of Narog” ✧ Let/282
Primitive elvish [Let/282; WJ/414] Group: Eldamo. Published by