Quenya 


masculine name. quennar

The name of the author of the Annals of Aman, or a portion thereof (MR/49, 51). In some linguistic notes from the 1950s, he was said to be one of the Quettúri “Word-masters” (PE21/84). The meaning of this name is unclear, but it appears to be a derivative of the root √KWEN “speak”.

Element in: Q. Quennar Onótimo

Quenya [MR/049.2604; MR/051.1303; PE21/84.2603] Group: Eldamo. Published by

* Quennar


Quennar's first name seems to consist of the Quenya word for 'person', 'elf': quen, and a derivative of the root NAR2 'tell', yielding the meaning *"Elf-speaker". Onótimo apparently means "Reckoner", originating from the verb onot- 'count up' and the masculine agental suffix -mo.

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