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Early Quenya


verb. to splash, foam

An intransative verb in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s given as ᴱQ. palasya- “splash, foam”, a derivative of the root ᴱ√Palas (QL/72). Its past form palastine is a pattern seen in other ya-verbs like ᴱQ. niqisya-, past niqistine and ᴱQ. turya-, past tustine.

Neo-Quenya: In his Neo-Quenya New Testament (NQNT), Helge Fausganger adapted this verb as ᴺQ. palasta- “to splash, sprinkle” based on its past tense. I feel it is preferable to salvage this early verb as ᴺQ. falarya- “to splash” with the usual later sound change of sy > ry, and an update of the root to later √PHAL(AS).


  • ᴱ√PALAS “*foam, splash” ✧ QL/072

Phonetic Developments

ᴱ√Palas > palasya-[palasja-]✧ QL/072
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