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nór noun "land" (stem nor-, PE17:106) this is land as opposed to water and sea (nor in Letters:308). Cf. nórë.


noun. land

A term for “land” as in “(dry) land as opposed to the sea”, mentioned in the Quendi and Eldar essay of 1959-60 (WJ/413) and again in notes from around 1968 (PE17/106-107).

Possible Etymology: In the Quendi and Eldar essay this term was derived from primitive ✶ndōro, but in the aforementioned 1968 notes Tolkien clarified that its stem form was nŏr-. This means it was probably derived from ancient ✱ndŏr-, where the long vowel in the uninflected form was inherited from the Common Eldarin subjective form ✱ndōr, a phenomenon also seen in words like nér (ner-) “man”. I prefer this second derivation, as it makes the independent word more distinct from the suffixal form -ndor or -nóre used in the names of countries.


  • ndorē “land” ✧ PE17/106; PE17/107
    • NDOR “land; hard, firm; [ᴹ√] dwell, stay, rest, abide” ✧ PE17/106; PE17/107
    • DOR “hard, tough, dried up, unyielding”
    • DOR “hard, tough, dried up, unyielding” ✧ WJ/413
  • ndōro “land” ✧ WJ/413
    • DOR “hard, tough, dried up, unyielding” ✧ WJ/413

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Phonetic Developments

ndōr > nōr[ndōr] > [nōr]✧ PE17/106
NDŌR/NDŎR- > nôr[ndōr] > [nōr]✧ PE17/107
ndōro > nór[ndōro] > [ndōr] > [nōr]✧ WJ/413


  • nōr ✧ PE17/106
  • nôr ✧ PE17/107
Quenya [PE17/106; PE17/107; WJ/413] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. land

Quenya [PE 22:116, 124] Group: Mellonath Daeron. Published by



nórë noun "land" (associated with a particular people) (WJ:413), "country, land, dwelling-place, region where certain people live, race, clan" (NŌ, NDOR, BAL), also used = "race, tribe, people" (SA:dôr, PE17:169; however, the normal word for "people" is lië). Early "Qenya" hasnórë "native land, nation, family, country" (in compounds -nor) (LT1:272)



-ndor, final element in compounds: "land" (Letters:308, UT:253)