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name of a stream

_topon. _name of a stream, originally of an Elven-maid loved by Amroth, King of Lórien. Nim is T. nimbi white. -rodel could be S. and mean 'lofty star', but it could also contain an element seen in S. -roth, rod < ROT 'cave', or be feminine, from rodel 'lady, high lady'. Tolkien notes also this name is "suitable to S. sounds and patterns" but is "not clearly etymologizable as S." (PE17:51).

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feminine name. Lady of the White Cave

An Elf-maiden, the beloved of Amroth, as well as the name of the stream by which she dwelled (LotR/339). According to Tolkien, this name was of Silvan (Nandorin) origin adapted to Sindarin (LotR/1127). It is translated “Lady of the White Cave” (RC/302) and is a combination of nim “white”, the suffixal form -rod of grod “cave” and the feminine suffix -iel (SA/groth, PE17/49).

Conceptual Development: In Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s, this river was first named N. Linglor and the maiden N. Linglorel (TI/222-3), both revised to N. Nimladel >> Nimlorel >> Nimlothel (TI/223, 238-9 note #17, the last of these used only for the maiden). Later still both were changed to their final form Nimrodel (TI/223, 239). In later notes from the 1950s, Tolkien considered interpreting the final element as either “lofty star” or “high lady” (S. rodel) from raud “lofty, noble” (PE17/49).


groth“large excavation, delving, underground dwelling, large excavation, delving, underground dwelling; [N.] cave, tunnel, [G.] grot”
-iel“daughter; feminine suffix”
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Nimrodel means "Lady of the White Grotto".

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feminine name. Nimlothel


  • Nimladel/NimlorelNimlothel ✧ TI/223
  • NimlothelNimrodel ✧ TI/223


  • Nimladel/Nimlorel ✧ TI/223; TII/Nimladel
  • Nimrodel ✧ TI/223; TII/Nimrodel; WRI/Nimrodel
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