Primitive elvish


adjective. *grey



  • S. Mîth “*Sinda, Grey-Elf” ✧ PE17/140
Primitive elvish [PE17/140] Group: Eldamo. Published by


root. *grey

Tolkien introduced the (unglossed) root ᴹ√THIN in The Etymologies of the 1930s with derivatives like ᴹQ. sinde/N. thinn “grey, pale” and ᴹQ. sinta-/N. †thinna- “fade” (Ety/THIN). In this document it was the basis for the name Ilk. Thingol; in earlier writings from the 1920s the name ᴱN. Thingol was based on the word ᴱN. thing “prince” (PE13/154). The root √THIN or √ΘIN was mentioned a couple times in Tolkien’s later writings as the basis for “grey” words (PE17/72; WJ/384). In a note from the mid-1960s Tolkien considered making the root √STIN the basis for “grey”, as a privative formation = √S-TIN = “without sparkling” (PE17/184), but I think this was a transient idea.


  • thindā “grey”
    • Q. Sinda “Grey-elf” ✧ PE17/141; PE17/141
    • Q. sinda “grey” ✧ PE17/072
    • S. Thend “*Sinda, Grey-Elf” ✧ PE17/141; PE17/141
    • S. thind “grey, grey, [N.] pale” ✧ PE17/072
  • thindi “grey” ✧ WJ/384
    • Q. sindë “grey, pale or silvery grey, grey, pale or silvery grey, [ᴹQ.] pale” ✧ PE17/141; PE17/141; PE17/141; WJ/384
    • S. thind “grey, grey, [N.] pale” ✧ PE17/140; PE17/141; PE17/141
    • Van. thindë “grey, pale or silvery grey” ✧ WJ/384
  • ᴺQ. sin “tin (metal)”
  • Q. Sinda “Grey-elf” ✧ WJ/384
  • Q. sinda “grey” ✧ PE17/072
  • ᴺS. thint “tin (metal)”

Element in

  • Q. Sindel “Grey-elf” ✧ WJ/384


  • ΘIN ✧ PE17/072; PE17/188
Primitive elvish [PE17/072; PE17/188; WJ/384] Group: Eldamo. Published by