Sindarin 


noun. great hall of feasts

[HKF] mereth (“feast”) + rond (“dome-roofed hall”) Nd doesn’t become nn>n at the end of fully accented monosyllables, such as thond.

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proper name. Great Hall of Feasts

The “Great Hall of Feasts” in Minas Tirith (LotR/975), a combination of mereth “feast” and rond “vaulted chamber” (SA/mereth).

Conceptual Development: This name was already N. Merethrond “Great Hall of Feasts” in Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s (SD/67).


mereth“feast, feast, [N.] festival”
rond“(vaulted or arched) roof; vaulted chamber or cavern; heavens [as a roof of the world]”
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