Beware, older languages below! The languages below were invented during Tolkien's earlier period and should be used with caution. Remember to never, ever mix words from different languages!

Qenya 


adverb. homewards

An “old short allative” form appear in the Declension of Nouns from the early 1930s with suffixal -r, with both monosyllabic mar and longer mardar (PE21/25, 27). Tolkien said the longer for mardar was “less usual” (PE21/27), but it is more distinct from már “home”. This allative variant is probably related to ᴹQ. tar “thither” < ᴹ✶tad from later in the 1930s (Ety/TA; PE19/52).


  • ᴹ✶mart “homewards” ✧ PE21/27
    • ᴹ√MBAR “dwell, inhabit”
    • ᴹ√BAR “raise; uplift, save, rescue(?)” ✧ Ety/BAR


  • mardar ✧ PE21/25; PE21/27
  • mar ✧ PE21/25; PE21/27
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