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proper name. Tree of Gold

Another name of Laurelin (S/38), a compound of malina “yellow, golden” and alda “tree” (SA/alda, mal).

Conceptual Development: The name ᴹQ. Malinalda also appeared in Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s (LR/210), likely with the same meaning and etymology.


malina“yellow, of golden colour”
alda“tree, tree, [ᴱQ.] branch”
Quenya [MRI/Malinalda; S/038; SA/alda; SA/mal; SI/Malinalda] Group: Eldamo. Published by



malina adj. "yellow" (SMAL, Letters:308), "yellow, of golden colour" (PE17:51). Malinalda *"Yellow-tree", a name of Laurelin (SA:mal-; evidently malina + alda), translated "Tree of Gold" in the Silmarillion index. Cf. also malinornë.


yellow, of golden colour

malda adj. "yellow, of golden colour" (PE17:51), variant of malina. An earlier source (the Etymologies, entry SMAL) has malda as the noun "gold" but LotR gives malta, q.v., and according to VT46:14 the form malta originally appeared in the Etymologies as well. Since Quenya sometimes uses adjectives as nouns (see for instance fanya), malda could still be regarded as a valid side-form of the noun malta "gold".



tulca (3) ("k") adj. "yellow". Adopted and adapted from Valarin; the normal Quenya word for "yellow" is rather malina (WJ:399)