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place name. Ring of Doom, (lit.) *Ring of Judgement

The circle of thrones where the Valar sat in council (S/38), an adaptation of the Valarin word Māχananaškād “Doom-ring” (WJ/399, 401). The Valarin word māχan more accurately means “authority, authoritative decision” (WJ/399), so the “doom” in its English translation is most likely used in its older sense “judgement”. This circle is also known by the (Vanyarin?) name Rithil-Anamo, said to be a translation of the same Valarin name (WJ/401).

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doom ring

Máhan (pl. Máhani attested in WJ:402), noun: one of the eight chiefs of the Valar (adopted and adapted from Valarin, but usually translated as Aratar). Máhanaxar the "Doom Ring" of Aman; adopted and adapted from Valarin. (WJ:399)


ring of doom

Rithil-Anamo place name "Ring of Doom", translation of the foreign word Máhanaxar that was adopted and adapted from Valarin (WJ:401). Compare Anamo, q.v. Presumably *Risil-Anamo in Exilic Quenya, since the digraph th of rithil must represent the spirant þ (expressed by the letter súlë, older thúlë, in Tengwar writing).

* máhanaxar


The name is how the Amanyar called the Ring of Doom in Quenya. It contains the word Máhan "chief Vala".. All in all, it is said to be derived from Valarin Mâchananaškad.

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