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Qenya 

noun. hand


  • ✧ Ety/MAƷ; EtyAC/MAƷ (); PE18/035; PE21/40; PE22/021


  • ᴹ✶māʒ “hand” ✧ Ety/MAƷ; PE18/035
    • ᴹ√MAƷ “hand” ✧ Ety/MAƷ
  • ᴹ✶magā “hand” ✧ EtyAC/MAƷ
    • ᴹ√MAG “use, handle” ✧ EtyAC/MAƷ


  • On. “hand” ✧ Ety/MAƷ

Element in

Phonetic Developments

ᴹ✶māʒ > [māɣ] > [mā]✧ Ety/MAƷ
ᴹ✶magā > [magā] > [maɣā] > [mā]✧ EtyAC/MAƷ
ᴹ✶ > [mā]✧ PE18/035


mannarallative plural“into the hands”✧ LR/072
accusative-✧ PE21/40
māndative-✧ PE21/40
genitive-✧ PE21/40
maineninstrumental-✧ PE21/40
†mangweninstrumental-✧ PE21/40
máneninstrumental-✧ PE21/40
mahtaallative-✧ PE21/40
máloablative-✧ PE21/40
malloablative-✧ PE21/40
makselocative-✧ PE21/40
mávapossessive-✧ PE21/40
†maiapossessive-✧ PE21/40
mánonsimilative-✧ PE21/40
†maksonsimilative-✧ PE21/40
mantnominative dual-✧ PE21/40
mātaccusative dual-✧ PE21/40
maudative dual-✧ PE21/40
mahtagenitive dual-✧ PE21/40
maumetinstrumental dual-✧ PE21/40
†mangwetinstrumental dual-✧ PE21/40
mahtauallative dual-✧ PE21/40
mallutablative dual-✧ PE21/40
maksetlocative dual-✧ PE21/40
†mautaccusative dual-✧ PE21/40
†mauhtagenitive dual-✧ PE21/40
maksinnominative plural-✧ PE21/40
†mainnominative plural-✧ PE21/40; PE21/40
málinnominative plural-✧ PE21/40
†maiaccusative plural-✧ PE21/40
†mairdative plural-✧ PE21/40
†maiongenitive plural-✧ PE21/40
†maineninstrumental plural-✧ PE21/40
†maïntanallative plural-✧ PE21/40
mantanallative plural-✧ PE21/40
mahtanallative plural-✧ PE21/40
málintanallative plural-✧ PE21/40
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