Quenya 


proper name. Singing-dream-land

A descriptive name of Lórien appearing in the even longer Entish description of that land: Laurelindórenan lindelorendor malinornélion ornemalin (LotR/467). The name is a combination of the elements lindë “singing”, lórë “dream” and -ndor “land” (Let/308, PE17/80).

Element in


lindë“singing, song, musical sound, singing, song, musical sound; [ᴹQ.] air, tune”
lórë“dream, [ᴹQ.] slumber, *sleep; [Q.] dream”
-ndor“land, country”


  • lindelorendor ✧ Let/448; LotR/0467; PE17/080
Quenya [Let/448; LotR/0467; PE17/080] Group: Eldamo. Published by


air, tune, singing, song

lindë noun "air, tune, singing, song" (SA:gond, (LIN2, [GLIN]); lindelorendor "music-dream-land"; see laurelindórenan lindelorendor... _(LotR2:III ch. 4, cf. Letters:308). _Also compare lindi- in lindimaitar, q.v. (but the other compounds here cited do not give a lindë a stem-form lindi-).


air, lower air

[vilwa < wilwa] noun "air, lower air" (distinct from the 'upper' air of the stars, or the 'outer') (WIL; in one place vilwa was not struck out, VT46:21) According to VT46:21, Tolkien considered vilda < wilda as a replacement form, but rejected it.


air, lower air

wilma noun "air, lower air" (distinct from the 'upper' air of the stars, or the 'outer') (WIL)


air, sky

vilya noun "air, sky", also name of tengwa #24. Older wilya. (Appendix E). Early "Qenya" has Vilya (changed from Vilna) "lower air" (LT1:273); also vilya "air" (MC:215)