Primitive elvish


root. go, proceed, go, proceed, [ᴹ√] fare, travel

This root appeared in The Etymologies (Ety/LED) and in some later writings (PE17/51, 139) with the basic sense “go”. In the Quendi and Eldar essay from 1959-60, Tolkien decided that √LED was a Quenya-only variant of the original root √DEL (WJ/360, 363). Elsewhere, Tolkien said that √LED was “not much used in Sindarin except in compounds with ✶et ‘out’ as edlen(n)” (PE17/51). Its Sindarin derivative S. lembas “way bread” was reassigned to √LEN (PE17/60). See √DEL and √LEN for further discussion.


  • etlendā “exiled” ✧ PE17/051
  • ledmē “leaving, departure” ✧ PE17/051
    • Q. lenwë “leaving, departure” ✧ PE17/051
  • lednē ✧ PE17/051
  • ledya- ✧ WJ/363
    • Q. lelya- “to go, proceed (in any direction), travel”
  • ᴺQ. etelenda “exiled”
  • ᴺQ. etelerro “exile”
  • Q. lenna- “to come, to come; [ᴹQ.] to go, depart” ✧ PE17/139
  • Q. lenda- “to go free”
  • ᴺQ. lendë “journey”
  • S. glenna- “*to travel”
  • ᴺS. lîdh “journey”

Element in

  • le(n)dembassē “bread taken on leaving home (for a long journey)” ✧ PE17/052
  • S. lembas “waybread, journey-bread” ✧ PE17/051


  • led- ✧ WJ/363
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