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Qenya 


proper name. Starlight

This name first appeared in Silmarillion drafts from the early 1930s as ᴹQ. Silma >> Ilma >> Ilmen as a name for the “Place of Light”, home of the stars (SM/240-1). It reappeared in the mid-30s as a word for “Starlight” (LR/205), and also appeared in The Etymologies as a derivative of ᴹ√GIL, alongside (and perhaps an element of) Ilmen “region above air where stars are” (Ety/GIL).


  • SilmaIlma ✧ LRI/Silma
  • SilmaIlma ✧ SM/240
  • IlmaIlmen ✧ SM/240
  • IlmaIlmen ✧ SMI/Ilma
  • SilmaIlma ✧ SMI/Ilma
  • IlmaIlmen ✧ SMI/Ilmen
  • SilmaIlma ✧ SMI/Silma


  • N. gilith “starlight, *region of the stars” ✧ Ety/GIL; Ety/GIL


  • ᴹ√GIL “shine (white or pale)” ✧ Ety/GIL

Element in

Phonetic Developments

ᴹ√GIL > Ilma[gilma] > [ɣilma] > [ilma]✧ Ety/GIL


  • Silma ✧ LRI/Silma; SM/240; SMI/Ilma; SMI/Silma
Qenya [Ety/GIL; LR/205; LRI/Ilma; LRI/Silma; SM/240; SMI/Ilma; SMI/Ilmen; SMI/Silma] Group: Eldamo. Published by


place name. Air

Name for the region of Air in Silmarillion notes from the 1930s (SM/236). It is simply vista “air as substance” used as a name.


vista“air as substance”
Qenya [LRI/Vista; SM/236; SM/240; SM/241; SMI/Vista; SMI/Wilwa] Group: Eldamo. Published by