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Middle Primitive Elvish


root. dread

A root in The Etymologies of the 1930s glossed “dread” with two variations: ᴹ√GOS and ᴹ√GOTH (Ety/GOS). It was an element in quite a few names in Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s, such as ᴹQ. Mandos “Dread Imprisoner” (Ety/MBAD), ᴹQ. Osse (Ety/GOS), N. Gothmog (Ety/MBAW), N. Tauros “Forest-Dread” (Ety/TÁWAR), and N. Dor-Daideloth “Land of the Shadow of Dread” (LR/405), the last of these containing N. deloth “abhorrence, detestation, loathing” = ᴹ√DYEL + ᴹ√GOTH (Ety/DYEL).

In Tolkien’s later writings, many of these names were given new forms or etymologies: Q. Mandos “Castle of Custody” = mando + osto (MR/350); Q. Ossë as an adaptation of his Valarin name Oš(o)šai (WJ/400); S. Tauron “Forester” (PM/358). This calls into question whether ᴹ√GOS or ᴹ√GOTH survived as a root. It does have a few useful derivatives for the purposes of Neo-Eldarin, however, such as N. gosta- “fear exceedingly”.




  • ᴹ✶Goss “Osse” ✧ Ety/GOS
    • ᴹQ. Osse ✧ Ety/GOS
  • ᴹQ. osse “terror” ✧ Ety/GOS
  • N. Oeros “Osse” ✧ Ety/GOS
  • N. gost “dread, terror” ✧ Ety/GOS
  • N. gosta- “to fear exceedingly” ✧ Ety/GOS
  • N. Gostir “Dread-glance” ✧ Ety/THĒ

Element in

  • ᴹ✶angosse “horror” ✧ Ety/GOS
  • ᴹ✶Gothombauk- ✧ Ety/MBAW
  • ᴹQ. Mandos “(Dread) Imprisoner” ✧ Ety/MBAD; Ety/MBAD
  • N. Bannos “Mandos, Dread Imprisoner” ✧ Ety/MBAD
  • N. deloth “abhorrence, detestation, loathing” ✧ Ety/DYEL
  • N. Oeros “Osse”
  • N. Gothmog “Voice of Goth” ✧ Ety/GOS
  • N. Tauros “Lord of Forests; (lit.) Forest-Dread” ✧ Ety/TÁWAR


  • GOTH ✧ Ety/DYEL; Ety/GOS; Ety/KOT; Ety/ÑGOROTH
Middle Primitive Elvish [Ety/DYEL; Ety/GOS; Ety/KOT; Ety/MBAD; Ety/MBAW; Ety/ÑGOROTH; Ety/TÁWAR; Ety/THĒ; EtyAC/GOS] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun/adjective. dread

Element in

Middle Primitive Elvish [PE21/32] Group: Eldamo. Published by