Primitive elvish


root. elm


  • GALAMALAB “elm” ✧ PE17/153


  • galmā “flower”
    • Q. alma “flower” ✧ PE17/153

Element in

  • Q. Alalvinórë “Land of Many Elms” ✧ PE17/153 (alalmi-nóre)
Primitive elvish [PE17/153] Group: Eldamo. Published by


root. elm

A root for “elm” in etymological notes probably written around 1959-1960 (PE17/146, 153). It seems to be a replacement for the root ᴹ√(L)ALAM from The Etymologies of the 1930s. This earlier root was connected to √AL(A) “blessed”, and the later variant may have had the same relationship. Tolkien made a point that the later version of this root was not related to √GAL “grow” or the words for “tree” after rejecting alternate roots √GALAB (?“flower”) and √GALAM for “elm” (PE17/146). The derivation ✶galmā > Q. alma “flower” was allowed to stand, so perhaps √GALAM remained valid with the alternate sense “flower”.


  • Q. alvë “elm” ✧ PE17/146; PE17/153
  • S. alaf “elm” ✧ PE17/153
Primitive elvish [PE17/146; PE17/153] Group: Eldamo. Published by