Noldorin 


noun. core, centre, middle

While the word is written enedh in the Etymologies, it seems that Tolkien considered and reconsidered its form throughout his life. Late rough jottings (c. 1968), as well as the text of letter no. 168 and the fact that the toponym Enedwaith was never changed on the LotR map, seem to imply that ened is the (most) definitive form. See also the possibly related preposition ned , which has sometimes been suggested to mean "in" (while again a prefix nedh- is seen in the Etymologies)

Noldorin [Ety/356, Ety/376, UT/450, Letters/224, VT/41:12,] Group: SINDICT. Published by


noun. centre, middle, core


  • ᴹQ. ende “centre, middle, core” ✧ Ety/ÉNED; Ety/NÉD


  • ᴹ√(E)NED “centre, middle” ✧ Ety/ÉNED; Ety/NÉD

Element in

Phonetic Developments

ᴹ√ÉNED > enedh[enede] > [eneðe] > [eneð]✧ Ety/ÉNED
Noldorin [Ety/ÉNED; Ety/NÉD] Group: Eldamo. Published by