Sindarin 


noun. mountains under night

emyn (pl. of amon “hill”) + nu (“under”) + fuin (“dead of night, gloom, darkness”)

Sindarin [Tolkiendil] Group: Tolkiendil Compound Sindarin Names. Published by


place name. Mountains of Mirkwood, (lit.) Mountains under Night

Name of Emyn Duir after it became the haunt of evil creatures, translated “Mountains of Mirkwood” (UT/280), but more literally “Mountains under Night” (UTI/Emyn-nu-Fuin). This name is a combination of the plural of amon “hill”, the preposition nu “under” and the noun fuin “night”.

Sindarin [UT/281; UTI/Emyn-nu-Fuin] Group: Eldamo. Published by