Sindarin 


masculine name. Remembrance of Elu

Son of Dior and great-grandson of Elu Thingol (S/234), translated “Remembrance of Elu” (PM/372, note #8). His name is a combination of the name of his great-grandfather Elu and the noun rîn “remembrance” (PM/369, 372).

Conceptual Development: In Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s, this character was initially named Ilk. Elbereth (SM/307). This name was designated Ilkorin in The Etymologies (Ety/BER) but was rejected, most likely because Tolkien introduced N. Elbereth as a name for Varda (Ety/BARATH). In the narratives of that period, Ilk. Elbereth was changed to Elrûn (LR/147 note #42) and so remained in Silmarillion revisions from the 1950s-60s (WJ/351). The name S. Elurín did not appear until quite late; the etymology given above appeared only in a late essay on “The Problem of Ros” from 1968 (PM/369, 372).

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