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noun. land of the Elves (Doriath)

eglan (“elf, Falathrim”) + (n-)dor (“land, dwelling place”)

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place name. Land of the Eglir (Forsaken)

A name for region of Beleriand where the people of Círdan dwelled (WJ/379). This name is effectively a combination of the prefixal form Egla- of Eglan “Forsaken (Elf)” and dôr “land”, derived from ancient ✶etlā-ndŏrē (VT42/4).

Conceptual Development: In The Etymologies from the 1930s, the Ilkorin name Eglador appeared as a name for Doriath translated “Land of the Elves” (Ety/AR², ELED, GAT(H)). This earlier name was derived from the Ilkorin word for “Elf”: Ilk. Egla. After Tolkien abandoned the Ilkorin language, the name reappeared in his Quendi and Eldar essay from 1959-60, with the revised meaning given above (WJ/379).

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Eglan“Forsaken (Elf)”
dôr“land, land, [N.] region where certain people live, [ᴱN.] country; [G.] people of the land”

Phonetic Developments

etlā-ndŏrē > Eglannor > Eglador[etlāndorē] > [etlandorē] > [etlandore] > [etlandor] > [edlandor] > [edlannor] > [eglador]✧ VT42/04
etla-ndore > Eglandor > Eglador[etlāndorē] > [etlandorē] > [etlandore] > [etlandor] > [edlandor] > [edlannor] > [eglador]✧ VT42/04
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place name. Land of the Forsaken

Probably meaning 'Land of the Forsaken', Eglador was the name of the land of Doriath before it was protected by the Girdle of Melian.

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