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masculine name. Pointed Helm-crest

An Elf-lord of Gondolin and also the 18th ruling steward of Gondor (WJ/318, LotR/1039). This name is derived from the archaic form Ægamloth, and is a combination of aeg “sharp” and amloth “uprising flower”, with the more literal meaning of “pointed helm-crest” (WJ/318).

Conceptual Development: The Elf-lord G. Egalmoth was first mentioned in “The Fall of Gondolin” from earliest Lost Tales (LT2/173), and in the Gnomish Lexicon from the 1910s, his name was glossed “Broad-back” or “Broadshoulder” (GL/19, 32). The very early tale of “The Fall of Gondolin” was never fully revised (UT/5), so the status of this character in Tolkien’s later writing is unclear. However, Egalmoth reappeared as the name of the 18th ruling steward of Gondor (LotR/1039, PM/205) and again in a late note on the etymology of Ecthelion (WJ/318). It is from this note that the above etymology of Egalmoth is taken.


aeg“sharp, sharp, [N.] pointed, piercing”
amloth“uprising flower”


  • Ægamloth ✧ WJ/318 (Ægamloth)
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Egalmoth is formed by a consonant metathesis of the word aegamloth which means "A Spike upon a Flowered Crest" in Sindarin (from aeg = "point" and amloth = "flowered crest, implying a crest on a helmet").[source?]

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