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noun. thorn

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noun. thorn

A noun in The Etymologies of the 1930s glossed “thorn” under the root ᴹ√EK (Ety/EK). In The Etymologies this root was glossed “spear”, but I think this gloss applied only to the extended form of the root √EKTE, because elsewhere √EK had other glosses like “sharp, (sharp) point, thorn” (WJ/365; VT48/25; PE22/127).

Conceptual Development: In the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s, G. eg merely meant “point” (GL/32) while G. aith was “thorn” (GL/18), both from the early root ᴱ√EKE or ᴱ√EHE having to do with points (GL/31; QL/35). In Gnomish Lexicon Slips this became G. aithr “thorn” which also had an archaic sense “†sword” (PE13/108), a word that also appeared as ᴱN. aithr “thorn, [archaic] †sword” in Early Noldorin Word-lists of the 1920s (PE13/136).



  • ᴹ√EK “spear, (sharp) point, thorn” ✧ Ety/EK

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Phonetic Developments

ᴹ√EK > êg[ek] > [eg] > [ēg]✧ Ety/EK


adjective. far, remote, distant

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