Beware, older languages below! The languages below were invented during Tolkien's earlier period and should be used with caution. Remember to never, ever mix words from different languages!

Early Primitive Elvish


root. dusk

This root was given as ᴱ√MASA¹ “dusk” in its main entry in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s, but its Gnomish form math- indicates the true root was ᴱ√MAÞA (QL/59). This was clarified in a list of roots at the end of the M-section in the Qenya Lexicon (QL/63) and its representation as maþ- in the contemporaneous Gnomish Lexicon (GL/59). Its most notable use in the Legendarium was in the name G. Umboth-muilin “Pools (muil-plural) of Twilight (umboth)”, where G. umboth or umbath “nightfall” was derived from a strengthened form of the root, ᴱ√mbaþ- (GL/75). However, in later writings this name was reconceived as Ilk. Umboth Muilin “Veiled (muilin) Pool (umboth)”, with the first element umboth meaning “large pool” (Ety/MBOTH, MUY). The name was ultimately replaced with S. Aelin-uial (S/114), by which point the early root ᴱ√MAÞA was long abandoned.


  • Eq. maska “dusky, misty” ✧ QL/059
  • Eq. maske “dusk” ✧ QL/059
  • G. math “dusk” ✧ LT2A/Umboth-muilin

Element in

  • ᴱ√MBAÞA “*dusk” ✧ GL/75


  • maþ- ✧ GL/75; LT2A/Umboth-muilin
  • MASA¹ ✧ QL/059
Early Primitive Elvish [GL/75; LT2A/Umboth-muilin; QL/059; QL/063] Group: Eldamo. Published by

duyu Reconstructed

root. DUYU


  • ᴱ✶duiwe
    • G. duif “stream” ✧ GL/31
  • ᴱ✶du(w)il “*bird”
    • G. bil “bird” ✧ GL/31
    • G. duil “flight, power of flight; having power of flight, fledged”
    • G. dwindi “a swift (bird)”
    • G. duil “swallow”


  • dui ✧ GL/45
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