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noun. a title of Idril

_prop. n. _a title of Idril. >> Idril. This gloss was rejected.

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noun. silver foot

celebren (< celebrina “silver-like”) + tâl (“foot”) [HKF] nd didn’t became nn when n and d come from different elements of a compound.

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feminine name. Silverfoot

Sobriquet of Idril, translated “Silver-foot” (S/126). Her name is a combination of celebrin “silver” and the lenited form -dal of tâl “foot” (SA/celeb, tal).

Conceptual Development: In the earliest Lost Tales, this name appeared as G. Talceleb “Silver Feet” (LT2/165, 216). In Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s, Tolkien changed the name to N. Celebrindal “Silver-foot” (SM/143, LR/141), though in The Etymologies it appeared in a variant (lenited) form Gelebrendal with an e replacing the i (Ety/KYELEP).



celebrin“like silver (in hue or worth), like silver (in hue or worth), [G.] of silver”
tâl“foot; [lower] end”
Sindarin [LBI/Idril; LotRI/Idril; MRI/Idril; S/126; SA/celeb; SA/tal; SI/Celebrindal; SI/Idril; SMI/Celebrindal; SMI/Idril] Group: Eldamo. Published by