noun. Power, God

An Adûnaic noun translated as “God” or “Power” (SD/247, 305), the equivalent of (and possibly derived from) Q. Vala. It is probably pronounced [awalō], since the sound [w] in Adûnaic was sometime written “v” (SD/434). It frequently appeared in its plural or subjective plural forms Avalôi(m) “Powers, Gods”.

Conceptual Development: In early drafts of Adûnaic its plural was Avalâi with a long â instead of ô, perhaps indicating an earlier singular form Avalâ closer to Vala. Earlier still this word was given as plural Balāi, a more direct derivative of the Elvish root form ᴹ√BAL.


  • ᴹQ. Vala “Power, God” ✧ SDI2/Avalôi

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Adûnaic [SD/241; SD/247; SD/305; SD/311; SD/344; SD/357; SD/387; SDI2/Avalâi; SDI2/Avalôi; SDI2/Avalôim; SDI2/Balâi] Group: Eldamo. Published by