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adjective. strong, *valiant

An adjective glossed “strong” and derived from the root √STAL in a page of notes having to do with “large & small” words, probably from the late 1960s (PE17/115). This page was rejected, but Tolkien used Astaldo “Valiant” as a sobriquet of Tulkas in later versions of The Silmarillion. As such, I would assume [ᴺQ.] astalda is valid for purposes of Neo-Quenya, but I would use it with the meaning “✱valiant” rather than “strong”.


  • STAL “strong” ✧ PE17/115

Element in

Phonetic Developments

STAL > astalda[astalda]✧ PE17/115


strong, burly

poldorë noun? (not glossed, derived from polda "strong, burly": possibly "strength" as an abstract) (POL/POLOD)


strong, powerful (in body) finwë

Turcafinwë masc. name, "strong, powerful (in body) Finwë", masc. name; he was called Celegorm in Sindarin. Short Quenya name Turco. (PM:352), compare #turco "chief" (q.v.)


adjective. *valiant; strong