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flame of the west

Andúril noun "Flame of the West", sword-name (LotR1:II ch. 3)


proper name. Flame of the West

The name of Aragorn’s sword after it was reforged (LotR/277), rechristened from its original name Narsil. This new name is a combination of the prefix andú- “west” and the root √RIL “brilliance” (PE17/35, 47). It was translated “Flame of the West” (LotR/277, Let/425).

Conceptual Development: Aragorn’s sword was long called Branding in Lord of the Rings drafts, and ᴹQ. Andúril did not appear until a late typescript (WR/370).


andú-“going down, setting (of sun), west”
RIL“brilliant (light), brilliance, brilliant (light), brilliance, [ᴹ√] glitter”


  • Andūril ✧ PE17/034
Quenya [Let/425; LotR/0277; LotRI/Andúril; PE17/034; PE17/047; SA/ril] Group: Eldamo. Published by



Andúnië (apparently a variant form of andúnë) place-name, a city and port on the western coast of Númenor, said to mean "sunset". (Appendix A, Silm, UT:166, NDŪ/VT45:38)


place name. Sunset

A city in western Númenor, “so called because it faced the sunset” (S/261). It is andúnë “sunset” with the abstract-noun suffix -ië.

Conceptual Development: The name ᴹQ. Andúnie appeared in the earliest tales of Númenor, first as a name for Númenor itself (LR/14), but soon changing to the name of a major city of that land (LR/25). At one point Tolkien considered changing this name to ᴹQ. Undúnië, but he soon rejected the idea (SD/333, SD/340 note #2).


andúnë“sunset, evening, (orig.) going down; west”
-ië“abstract noun, adverb”
Quenya [LotRI/Andúnië; PMI/Andúnië; S/261; SA/andúnë; SI/Andúnië; UT/167; UTI/Andúnië] Group: Eldamo. Published by


noun. sunset


Quenya [PE 19:77] Group: Mellonath Daeron. Published by


sunset, west, evening

andúnë noun "sunset, west, evening" (NDŪ, Markirya, SA), also in Namárië: Andúnë "West" (but the standard Quenya translation of "west" is Númen) (Nam, RGEO:66) Cf. andu- in Andúnië, Andúril.